Web v999

Web v999

Web v999 is, in simple words, a web ring. A traditionally 90's and early-2000's concept, web rings exist to cultivate traffic between small, home-made websites. I personally review every website in the web ring before adding a link to my website, and I can ensure they're all full of high quality, enteratining, and home-made content :)

If you'd like to add your website to this web ring, feel free to send me an email! I'm happy to add anyone who is willing to link other websites within the web ring :)

For more information, check out the Web v999 main website, which also contains a complete list of all webring members.

Outside of Web v999, there are still a lot of other great websites on the net. Check out a list of some of my favorites below!

Other Cool Websites

Name URL Description
TOWNS Dictionary http://cc.ctk23.ne.jp/~elfaria/townsdic/ A cool FM TOWNS dictionary, full of useful FM TOWNS-related computer terms.
TRANSLATOR, BINARY https://paulschou.com/tools/xlate/ An awesome translator written by Paul Schou. Translates base64, binary, hex, etc.
Binvis.io https://binvis.io/ An awesome binary visualizer. Great for analyzing firmware or other binaries for entropy, encrypted chunks, etc.