"For without a home online, the web will never be mine"

I originally started a website simply for the email address. I wanted a professional email address, tim@tepatti.com, that I could put on resumes and job applications.

The website started as a basic black-and-purple website coded by hand in HTML with only extremely basic CSS present. It had monospaced font that gave off a glowing effect and looked VERY HackForums-y. (And by that, I mean needlessly edgy.)

That stayed for a while while I was busy in school, as I didn't look at it much and didn't have time to update it. Eventually, I had time to work on it and realized I wanted a "comfier" website. Something that brought back a feeling reminiscent of the 1990's and early 2000's internet. It was Japanese themed, based on the website of the Japanese music group flap+frog, and everything was small. A few small blurbs of text, a brief "about me" section, and a rotating banner at the top that scrolled through a few pictures I liked.

Finally, we reach the current state of my website. I switched over to Bootstrap due to the ability to quickly create beautiful themes and lay out my ideas and projects in a way that was easy to navigate and visually pleasing. While I may have been happier with my previous website's layout, I feel like Bootstrap still provides unique (and most importantly modern) ways to express yourself through web design. A website stuck in the 90's will be ignored by all but a select few. Heck, even a personal website like this one wont catch the attention of most. Hi, whoever is reading this!

Many of these projects were done for fun and out of a love for programming. They may not be polished or even complete. If you'd like more information about a given project or the process used in creating it, you can always contact me.