Self-Replicating Hardware

Human-Made Viruses of the Real World

Self-Replicating Machine Diagram

Self-Replicating Machinery is a very interesting topic, one of which definitely needs more research. While we're still a ways out from seeing tangible results, it's a cool theoretical topic that can be fun to brainstorm about.

What first inspired me to look into this topic was a paper written on a Virus Writing forum I was browsing. Obviously in love with self-replication, virus writers seem to have a keen interest in the concepts of self-replicating machinery.

I don't have many notes on my own at the moment, but you can check out these links for a few interesting documents and websites that discuss the topic.

Self-Replicating Machine (Wikipedia)
Vonn Neumann Universal Constructor (Wikipdeia)
Self-Replicating Machines by Will Stevens

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