Hacking Tools

Mrs. Murphy: Dade?
Dade: Yeah Ma?
Mrs. Murphy: What are you doing?
Dade: I'm taking over a TV Network.
Mrs. Murphy: Finish up honey, and get some sleep. Happy Birthday.

TOOLS. Tools are what everyone wants. The script kiddies, the professional hackers, the hobbyists, everyone. Tools can be a giant boost up and allow you to complete your desired pentest, project, or idea, or they can be a giant pain in the arse and not work at all (I'm looking at you, completely-unmaintained-DirBuster).

This is a listing of all of my favorite tools, sorted by category to make looking through them easier. You probably wont be able to digest all of this at once, and it wouldn't be very useful to either. Just come back here when you're doing a pentest on a system you're unfamiliar with, and check out the category on my Tools page that's relevant to your pentest! (Or on the other hand, don't. Don't let me rule your life, I'm just a website!)


These tools are just examples that I've collected or used over the years. If you have a suggestion for a tool that's better than one I have listed, or you want me to list a tool you know of, feel free to contact me! I respond to everything :)