Game Hacking

Hiring gold farmers? I'd rather write Python!

When I was younger, in middle school and early high school, a lot of my free time was spent writing and researching hacks for popular video games. Aimbots, wallhacks, speedhacks, DLL hooking, cheat injection, I knew it all. I learned a lot about hacking and computer security through this hobby, and it was an important stepping stone to reaching where I am today. If I had never wanted to learn how to reverse engineer Graal Online and write a speedhack (like one of my online friends had done), I may never have had that "itch" to move on to reverse engineering other games, software, and learning how everything works.

While part of me thinks that my game hacking should be left in the past, the lessons I learned were much too important to ignore. I'd honestly recommend learning how to hack videogames as the first stepping stone for any budding computer scientist or hacker. You learn loads about how the game you love works, plus you'll stay motivated to keep working at it since you probably already play the game daily! :)

Many of these projects were done for fun and out of a love for programming. They may not be polished or even complete. If you'd like more information about a given project or the process used in creating it, you can always contact me.