Putting tens of thousands of hackers in one casino...

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I love DEFCON. The people, the sights, the hackery, the music, it's all amazing.

I first attended in 2015 (DC23) and have been going yearly since then. My first year I mainly attended talks and one or two workshops. My second year I talked to lots more people, went to more talks and workshops, and had loads of fun. In 2017, after meeting Justin (My boss at Aptiv), I helped volunteer with the Car Hacking Village, helping to set up a head unit hacking CTF for attendees to participate in.

I had tons of fun and everyone from the Car Hacking Village was amazing! I have no idea what the future will hold - spend more time volunteering? Meet more hackers at the various parties and gatherings? Not sure! Whatever it is, it will probably involve fun people and high-tech hijinks.

Want to meet up at next year's DEFCON? Have questions about the con, or are worried about your first year there? Feel free to contact me! I'd be happy to chat.