2003 Ford Ranger XLT

The Reliable Daily Driver

Love it or hate it, the Ranger is my current daily driver. I've never really been a "truck guy," nor have I ever really had an affinity towards Rangers, so it was a big surprise when I got one as my first vehicle.
A friend of my father's was willing to sell us his truck for cheap since we were family friends, and it was inexpensive enough that I would've been stupid to say no. At that time, I was trying to buy a right hand drive Subaru (converted right hand drive. It had been converted for mail delivery and had something like 250,000 miles on it) which I can ensure you would've ended worse.
I've never had any serious problems with the Ranger, and over the years I've come to love it. It's a fairly low mileage truck, comfy to ride in, and gets... average MPG. Not horrible, around 16MPG, but it could be better. (I'm considering getting a tonneau cover and seeing how it affects MPG.)
Now obviously, I'm a bit addicted to drift cars and motorsports, but I can gladly inform you that I haven't blown up the rear differential or driveshaft yet! The rear tires are another story, though.
All in all, it's a nice truck, gets me from point A to point B, and I'll probably sell it to buy some horribly unreliable drift car that I'll attempt to daily while dumping money into my almost-30-year-old Honda Civic.