Dream Garage


Honestly, even making this page is just asking to get social enginereed. If you're some malicious person doing recon on me and want to use this info to get me to click a fake Craigslist ad that captures my IP or something, fuck you.

Nissan 240sx
The best way to slide sideways

I've been interested in 240sx's for years. I've been interested in drifting ever since I saw Vaugn Gitten Jr. come to a Ford Motor Company event when he first started drifting his signature Mustang. Ever since that day I had been researching drifting, the best parts, rims, cars, etc, just waiting to get my license. Weeeelll stuff doesn't always go as planned. I got my license years after my 16th birthday. My first car was the family minivan (and no, not a RWD Previa) and then a Ford Ranger.

All in all, I've had a 240sx at the absolute height of my dream car wishlist since I was like 12 years old. Most of my friends who are into drifting find this ridiculous - they're just cheap drift missiles to them. But I've still never owned a legit drift car at this point, and I'm honestly not sure if I want to start with a 240. If I get one and they suck, I wont know what else to buy. But if I wait and drive a 300zx or something and then move into a 240 years later and they suck even more, I'm going to feel let down... Who knows. Only time will tell ;)

Nissan 300zx Z32
Stock Twin Turbo? Drift car AND Wangan runner? YES PLEASE.

While not something I've been interested in for as long as the 240sx, the Nissan 300zx is pretty high on my dream car list as well. After reading the manga Wangan Midnight, I instantly fell in love. Now, that may sound strange to some - you read Wangan Midnight and fell in love with the Z32? Why not the S30? The main answer is availability, price, and practicality. Now I know, I know - those aren't things you're supposed to think of on a dream car list. But I can't help it! I've always been someone who wants to achieve all of my dreams, and right now the Z32 is the perfect stepping stone car to move into something a bit more expensive and faster.

Some sort of Subaroooo
I want to go through dirt. And mud. And gravel. And pavement. Fast.

This is a car that sits fairly high on my list, but I've done almost zero research on. I'd love to have a rally car to just go hoon in the mud on back roads, but the insane prices and unfamiliar engine has kept me away from these for the most part. Still, something to get in the future!

If you want to social engineer me using my interest in cars, or would just like to chat about something on this list, feel free to contact me!